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May 22, 2022

Waluigi RPG HOTFIX version 1.0.1

Have you wondered what the hell Manall was thinking when designing Forest Mushrooms or the new Gimme Guys that might have crashed you once or twice after they ran away? Have no fear, for I do not merely create mods, I slay all bugs who might oppose their undeniable greatness. Get the latest version and save yourself a couple needless headaches!

(P.S. Vault users do not need to update their vault with this version)

May 10, 2022

Waluigi RPG Makes Its Debut TODAY

Oh yes, that surely is two big releases back to back. The day is finally here - It is time to unveil my fourth major mod, Waluigi RPG!!

Ever wanted to see Waluigi in a game that didn't involve golf, tennis or party board games? Are you tired of Nintendo intentionally neglecting a charismatic antihero with loads of untapped potential? If you answered 'Yes' to either of the above, then this mod is for you. I love Waluigi, and Super Mario RPG is still a great game. So why not have a Waluigi RPG?

Someone's gotta do it if NintenWON'T.

Waluigi RPG takes place in an alternate timeline, but that is merely a headline lacking details. Not only are Mario and Toadstool away on a lengthy vacation when alt-Exor comes crashing, but Daisy of Sarasaland is in the wrong place at the wrong time, too. Her royal tour of the Mushroom Kingdom is cut short when she is abducted by a love-starved Bowser, who wasn't invited to Mario's latest sunshine-filled odyssey.

To some, Waluigi may be nothing more than a cheat with powerful abilities. But in a parallel universe more fortunate than ours, he's given plenty of chances to prove that he is more than meets the eye. He's certainly not foolish enough to squander the girl of his dreams, and he'll go along with whatever amount of craziness in Mario's world in order to win her back!


SMRPG is a buggy ass game to edit, and most of its 'hacks' (that's the crude-sounding term everyone else insists on using) are chock-full of overcrowded spider webs. Mine is not. The challenge is probably greater than MFF1, but not so hard that you'd want to give up! There are many good things to look forward to, and I'm not talking about the chows waiting in the next room if you proceed through the pipe. There's a script that integrates Waluigi and Daisy, (lots of) new secrets, weapons, abilities, items, and better balance, quality of life, dramatic flair, body odor, rhythmically sound macroeconomics...

Anyway, head on over to the project page to check-check it. It's straight out of the oven and piping hot. This labor of love began just last year, and I am proud to say it is now ready for general consumption!

Oh, and one more thing... WAAAAAAA!

April 28, 2022

MFF1 v2.2 Release!

This is an exciting and momentous occasion for me personally. Ever since 2.1, I have begun manifesting ideas from as far back as three YEARS ago, which I had gloomily resigned to never finish, much less start. This update gives massive closure to that wave of previously unused creativity. In addition to a moderately hefty balance update, 2.2 brings surprises for veterans - TWO new bonus classes, and all-new "Caustic Aliens" skins for all playable characters...heheh.

I'd been kicking around the idea of alien sprites for a long time (since it's a lot more relatable for me) and the result is a dose of both creepy and very awesome. No matter what set of classes you are using, there is a caustic patch to accommodate your lineup, and turn your group into lean, green, teardrop-eyed killing machines. Did I mention they're sexy as hell? Now, how about those new classes? I'll give a very brief overview...

The Blue Rose is something of an even more extreme Green Mage, whom she replaces. She is quite frail, but can cast nearly any spell, using a new class of weapons (Flowers!) designed specifically to inflict status over damage.

The Cat Tail joins as the second bonus class, replacing the Archer and wielding Harps to great effect. Her critical bonus is especially striking, and her cat-like reflexes place her dodge chance in a tier all its own. Though not as outright strong as the Archer, she is hardier and perhaps more dangerous with the right support. She excels when targeting specific creatures, another feat she emphasizes more than other classes, and can serve as an evade tank in absence of a beefy Knight or Ninja.

Thief users will rejoice with improved starting LUCK with this patch, and several melee-oriented improvements have been made as well. Monsters have been tuned closer to perfection, and updates to the world map round out the substance with some aesthetic improvements.

This is probably the most exciting update since the behemoth 2.0, which basically turned this mod from a humble shelf curiosity into something worth playing and spamming my front page about. I had no idea these new additions would be delayed for so long, only to one day finally realize their potential. I hope you have as much fun trying out the new stuff as I did making it.


April 17, 2022

>Where's Waluigi?!

I have not forgotten about my purple-topped friend! After 2.2 is done for MFF1, I will be gunning for releasing Waluigi RPG next. Nothing bad has happened, it's mostly just been a case of priorities lately. I've actually done a couple little fixes on it in the last few months, and there are two things I need to do another full playthrough for, in order to test them properly. But things have just kinda been sitting quietly for the time being. That will change, though.

Quick footnote- you may have noticed by now, but Google Docs recently introduced a "pageless" feature - one which I've been wanting for over a decade - and so all documentation for my mods has been converted over to this new, convenient, far cleaner look with some nice new section dividers.

April 9, 2022

Update on MFF1 Update

The next version will be more ambitious than originally planned. There is a wide variety of small and large additions in the pipeline, particularly for veteran players.

It's going to require some reorganization, and I hope my brain can handle it...I'm signing up for a lot of extra work by committing to this, but I am quite excited to see everything to completion! I have decided against breaking up the ideas into separate updates, so the next version you see will be 2.2.

I'd love to talk about the details, but I must refrain for the time being. Stick around!

April 3, 2022

FF1 Stat Philosophy

I haven’t done many theorycrafting posts. I deal with that kind of stuff all the time, and thought it would be fun to do a short segment for the mod I'm working on right now.

Someone recently told me their Thief’s Agility bonus didn’t seem worth it for having given up the Fighter’s party leader slot compared to those extra monster hits. I decided I disagreed with this assessment, however I took an extra look at her Luck stat instead, and found that there was a lot of room for improvement. That was before version 2.1, and another bonus is planned for the next update.

For the NES, Luck is a very interesting stat in FF1. Not many know how it truly works because most people's explanations for it are wrong. Its well-known function is to make running from battles easier, but the benefits do not stop there! For the party leader only, both Agility and Luck add up to determine if you are striking first, fighting free for all, or being ambushed by the enemy. The formula is as follows:

AGI + LUCK / 8 = x

rnd# (2x) to (100 + x) - (ambush value) = y

if y is greater than 89, party strikes first

if y is less than 11, monsters strike first

As you can see, this scales in your favor over time, albeit very slowly. Since Thief already always flees successfully where possible, it was much more balance-friendly to tweak their preemptive odds via Luck instead of Agility, which has the massively powerful side effect of further raising your dodge chance.

In a beta build for the upcoming 2.1.1 version, I did some 100-battle trials to see what my benefits for having a Thief lead the party really looked like. Keep in mind the following -

- the bad RNG of FF1

- the small sample size of 100x4

- that these trials were done with a Thief that had +50 base Luck on top of the +25 I gave in version 2.1.

Trial 1 - LV16 Fighter as Leader (AGI + LUCK = 29)

- only formations w/ default ambush bonus (4)

- out of 100 battles, 11 were preemptive, 5 were ambushes

Trial 2 - LV16 Thief as Leader (AGI + LUCK = 168)

- only formations w/ default ambush bonus (4)

- out of 100 battles, 37 were preemptive, 0 were ambushes

Trial 3 - LV16 Fighter as Leader (AGI + LUCK = 29)

- mixed ambush bonus formations (4, 27)

- out of 100 battles, 11 were preemptive, 12 were ambushes

Trial 4 - LV16 Thief as Leader (AGI + LUCK = 168)

- mixed ambush bonus formations (4, 27)

- out of 100 battles, 28 were preemptive, 0 were ambushes

Note the complete lack of ambushes when the Thief was leading. Also take notice of the reduced preemptive count between trials 2 and 4. The relationship between AGI+LUCK acts as a sort of "pool" that depletes the enemy's chance to ambush more quickly than it adds to your chance to strike first. This can be viewed as a 'penalty' against the player vs. monster formations with a high ambush chance. You won't be ambushed as often (perhaps even at all) but you won't be getting the upper hand just for being a Thief, either. Your reward in these cases is essentially more even-ground fighting, as opposed to just getting dunked on for free.

That is to say, the benefits of having a Thief party leader are very real, and look different depending on who you're up against. After 2.1.1, they will be even more noticeable. It's a small aspect of the game, but I hope this shows the distinction they have over Fighters more clearly. I intend to make sure both classes are worth it, and that this new advantage over the vanilla game is properly utilized.

March 28, 2022


It's basically already summer here. Free heat strokes as far as the eye can see! These human bodies suck. There's no way I would have survived my humid ass jungle world in this meatbag...I miiight lowkey need to hibernate in a cryo chamber for the next five months.

Last update for March - I have been writing and editing a lot recently. Have also been testing and iterating on MFF1. I already mentioned a new mystery box surprise - that's going to be the main attraction. Other than that, I'm doing what I imagine will be the final monster difficulty pass. That is to say, I will be toughening them up a little.

That reminds me of an amusing anecdote. Back when I did...I think 2.02, someone bitched in the RHDN comments about how there was "no need to play it again if it's just going to be made easier." To whoever that asshat was (and very much likely still is, I mean what are the odds, really?) I nerfed NITEMARE defense by 30 percent because they were so impossible to deal with when first encountered, that they weren't worth killing for the reward. That's called design, neanderthals - not balance. Just don't read stupid shit people say. Not everything is about death metal levels of difficulty. That already exists at any rate - go play FF1 Terror!

Anyway, since 2.1 solved the majority of things, there isn't too much else in the cards right now. But due to the nature of the bonus content I'm gonna need enough time to ensure playtesting agrees with what I have in mind. I really like the idea of bonus goodies. It lets me do things that don't impact the primary game, and add even more customization (and who doesn't love that?)

March 20, 2022

FF1 2.1a

Have I mentioned that I hate hotfixes?!

All this does is make the Marvel Staff actually look like a staff again. I did a double take when I saw that it appeared like a lantern for some reason. I'm guessing I was scrolling through shit and I accidentally slipped the mouse wheel on that field. Besides...if it stayed a Marvel Lantern, that wouldn't really make a lot of sense, would it?

To take your (read: my) mind off this embarrassing oversight - I have another idea for the mystery box. Won't be out for a little while, and I wasn't about to spam RHDN's front page with literally a one byte patch, so most people probably won't see 2.1a as quick as the others.

Also, celebrating over 2000 downloads! I am not done updating this project!

March 16, 2022

FF1 2.1 Release

This is the largest update since version 2.0 back in 2020! I can't believe it's been almost two years. I'm thinking everything is in a good place now. There are some changes included in this version that were  directly inspired by player feedback. Documentation has leveled up in a couple places, and I fixed the monster density bug in 2.04 - it is now OFF by default as it should be.

Check out a new surprise in the mystery box - I've always wanted to add more goodies to it!

March 11, 2022

Having an entire planetary prison system target you to make you miserable (or dead) on a recurring basis isn't easy. You can't help wondering for every place you go, every person you meet, every new thing you set out to accomplish - will we be okay? Will they be okay? What will happen to what ever new endeavor in three weeks when the opportunity is intentionally snatched up, making it all a waste of time?

It's very humbling to sit and think how there are those who would dismiss all this as the ramblings of a crazy person and only clock in for the human elements they're comfortable with. If they were living it themselves, they would never behave in such a manner. To be honest, that sounds even worse to me than all of the above.

Anyone who dies here believing in one religion's god or another is appealed to after being captured by the prison system. Ever seen a sci-fi show where someone scans a person's neurons for the information they want to know? Imagine an immensely more complicated system that can handle millions at a time, spanning the solar system and beyond so that no one can escape. Let's say you're the creator of that system, and you have a list of all the various things a prisoner can believe based on what they can be exposed to on Earth. With that kind of know-how and power, you only have to feed that list into the system, tell it what to look for in each spirit who passes by and show them what they want to see to get them on your side. Then you have them in your pocket, and can do what you want with them. In this case, that's to blast their memories away with billions of volts of electric current (yes, like lightning) and send them back down to Earth to be born again with a whole new set of scrambled attributes, such that they can never again have a proper grip on reality. This really isn't hard to understand, nor is it hard to see how tragic the reality of the situation is.

This happens every day, because people die every day. Every day, people are vacuumed up and fed back into this system so that they can be born again to random people they do not know, light years from their real families and believing that an artificially intelligent array of electrons is responsible for their creation, and their destiny.

People can watch some show and pass judgment on what they believe are merely a fictional character's deeds, but they do not use this same distinguishing judgment in the world around them. It is sad, because all art is based on existence, not the other way around. Don't have those kind of double standards. Those archetypes and characteristics are being put out there to try and get people to wake up.

You can't talk about corrupt governments and banks and agencies without looking to the top to see what it is they're trying to protect. We all know a cartoon villain who reveals his plan is a bad villain. You won't hear any of those guys talking about this. Why would they do that?

March 3, 2022


This one is gonna kill all the non-believers.

Back in November, I had a very vivid dream where the United States had slid into ruin (read: more so than it is in now). The current president had been assassinated, and there was a giant, round sphere suspended above the country that would glow with a blinding light and intense heat. It was not the sun - this was an artificial satellite, which I seemed to know had been created by China. It appeared slightly larger than the moon. I believe the temperature outside would rise to no less than 130 degrees Fahrenheit while it was activated. This punishing heat would last for five minutes, followed by something like a ten or fifteen minute off-period. The device was designed for torture, and cycled on and off all day, including at night.

Early on in the dream, vision, call it what you will - I've had many of them, and my mate has had even more - I was caught outside when the satellite activated. It was brutal. You could hardly see from the light, and that five minutes seemed like an hour. I did survive, but the heat was only part of the problem. It would seem the U.S. had been invaded, and there appeared to have been earthquakes throughout the country. For example a neighborhood sidewalk might have been separated tens of feet from its connected house - the terrain had been raised, sunken and split into pieces that were often unassailable.

Soldiers would occasionally clear out a seemingly random house or other building, sparing no one inside. This didn't happen often, thankfully. I do not know what military they belonged to. Regular civilians had resigned to gathering around soda machines and any other drink-disposing area, turning the surroundings into lounges with any chairs and couches they could find. Life in general had come to a halt. The only motivation to do anything was spurred by the sound of gunfire. People got used to it after a while, and there really was nothing to do but sit indoors and wait to die.

I don't normally broadcast this kind of thing so bluntly, but I do so today because I accidentally learned that, well, China is building an artificial sun.

I already mentioned before that November featured some interesting predictions for me already, and more than one at that. I continue to realize that the number was larger than I thought. I am way past the point of caring if an individual fails to see how such a "second sight" is possible. There's plenty of material out there for anyone willing to learn, and everyone else will remain willfully ignorant until it is too late. Not my problem.

Safety disclaimer time, since this is the internet - I'm NOT saying this is gonna happen soon, or that it will at all - I'm saying I was one-hundred percent unaware of this device from a 'regular human' standpoint (there are other means I could have been made aware) and I only bumped into the harrowing, physical facts by chance. I never pursued this topic after the dream, and largely forgot about it after archiving the dream to my log. It would not be the first time I have seen a glimpse of a possible future event. I do say possible, because the future is a fluid thing.

Out of all the things we've seen, I really wouldn't mind being wrong about this one.

March 1, 2022

More FF1 News

Important Update for if you are using 2.04
Do note that this version ships with Increased Monster Density turned ON. The next version will feature it off by default. This was a slight oversight on my part (which I actually already thought I fixed) and you can remedy the issue yourself just by using the disable patch that comes with the mod. Thanks!

The feedback I've gotten from putting out 2.04 has made me grin like an idiot from ear to ear. It makes me so damn happy to hear from people who play and share in the nostalgia and whatnot. I've actually been rather creative in light of the latest wave of reception. It really does mean a lot to me, and as of yesterday I've begun drafting ideas for a future update.

I plan to take my time with it of course, no matter how large or small it ends up being (that's why I'm not saying what the number will be just yet) and I want emphasize something else as well - I take suggestions into consideration when I go back to the drawing board. This latest round of creativity on my part is actually a direct result of feedback; it wouldn't have occurred otherwise. I got all pumped and wanted to work on it some more. That is to say, I encourage people to please share their thoughts. This isn't the kind of environment where words fall on deaf ears. I've been asked to please not stop working on it. Well, here we are!

It was mildly amusing to see the latest review assume that the author must surely be male. :D 

February 25, 2022

This year will be one for the history books. There is a lot of interesting activity going on at the moment. You can be sure that various otherworldly factions are watching the situation very closely.

I won't say how, but I kinda inadvertently predicted this would occur about four months ago...though at the time I did not realize what I was doing - much less that it would happen so soon.

This won't wipe out the human species, but it is very likely to have long term consequences. On a personal note, this was only part of that accidental 'prediction', if you can call it that. There're a few other, 'lesser' things on the list as well. I am interested to see which ones manifest.

My biggest hope of all is that the coming events help at least a small percentage of this abused population to finally realize that all their religions are corrupt, that there is a vast living, breathing universe beyond this fell husk of a planet, and that the goal of those in charge of this prison is only to enslave the inhabitants, and prevent them from having any idea what is real. No progress is going to be made as long as the majority of humans use a deity as a substitute for higher reasoning.

It's time to start waking up.

February 22, 2022

Today, in 24-hour time is a rare instance in our counting system. It will be 22:22:22 on 2/22/22. That's more 2's, or any same number for that matter, than there will ever be again for another two hundred years. You're welcome. It'll be over in just a second, literally.

February 15, 2022

Waluigi Log #9!

Oh man, I've been waiting to say this for too long - the purple bad boy's nearly ready to go. We're getting very close!!

I could probably release it right now, but that would be hasty for my standards. I'm thinking about doing one more playthrough just to make absolutely sure everything is spectacular. I just recently finished combing for any remaining combat-related script hangs, and I only found one! Pretty proud of that - Mario RPG is insanely finnicky, and that's (part of) why most mods for it suck ass. The only thing worse than this that I've encountered so far was creating Mirror Forest in D2.

Speaking of, my Diablo II mod's documentation is now (as of yesterday) source-based from my live Google docs, like FF1 and HoMM3. All mods have now been converted over to this format, and Waluigi RPG will follow suit on release day. Documentation for WLRPG is also complete.

One final footnote - the 1.5 update for HoMM3 is basically done - save one thing, and I have to do a clean reinstall and a bunch of obnoxious troubleshooting for that. So I haven't done it yet. But I will.

Please look forward to the release of the new WLRPG soon!

February 13, 2022

Manall's FF1 v2.04 Release

I've been looking for an excuse to do an update for months. A user submitted a, gasp... bug report, which finally gave me just what I needed. The addition of inns to rest stops had the hilarious side effect of selling quest items in Onrac's weapon shop! Luckily, I was able to fix this and without any compromises - I say that because you have no idea how truly encumbered the code is at this point.

There's some other minor niceties along the way. The original password to the mystery box was a heap of unintuitive bullshit, and this was ultimately a multi-layered stupidity thing on my part. So anyway, it's easier to understand based on the hint/context now. Lots of people have come to me about that, and I hope this helps.

A big thing is that the documentation is now accessed from the website directly via my shared link google docs. Google docs really sucks sometimes - have I mentioned that before? I've done the best I can to reproduce the way it looked on the old mods website, and it's like 99.9% there. That's as close as it's gonna get on my end. Bitch at them if you don't like it, because there's nothing else I can do. They screwed up saving .pdf files too, and I posted about this months ago in case you missed that. As long as you have internet, you can still access everything like before.

There are also a few item improvements which concern the Archer and Green Mage. I've wanted to implement these for some time as well, though I wanted to justify spamming romhacking.net's front page with a sizeable-enough patch before pushing these out.

One last thing. The maps folder that comes with the mod has been merged with the old dungeon/treasures section, and that part of the documentation has been removed due to redundancy. Now, you can view the map and see monster encounter data + the treasure legend all at once. This is how I always wanted it to be, but it was just a major pain in the ass to execute. I've finally gotten it done, and this should never need to be touched again. It's much more convenient and less retarded this way.

I don't usually ramble on about an entire patch's contents, but since I'm largely quite satisfied with this project's state today is sort of an occasion. Check out the details and give the new version a shot - and try a new party while you're at it!

January 25, 2022


Guess who has a Ko-fi page? This girl!

Over time, I've had a lot of people stop to take the time and send me emails about how much they like one project or another. I love getting these emails. It's like a random happiness event that makes my whole day better. I remembered that someone who worked with me on the FF1 mod had a Ko-fi page, and I asked myself, "Why am I not doing this?" to which I had no reply. It's simpler, way more laid-back than other platforms, and it's sure as hell not subscription-based.

I'll say this only once, and let the new addition to the right-side bar be my mouthpiece henceforth - if you get anything at all out of what I do here, you now have the option to support my creations more directly. 

Since the making of this website back in 2013, I have never stopped working on my projects. Many of them have multiple years behind them. Few things can be more motivating than external support.

I don't expect a damn thing. I'm gonna make this stuff regardless. I'm not about to shove a social cause or false promise campaign up your ass, either. It's nothing besides what it is. That's how everything is and always will be around here.

By the way, a new review has been added - this time for Encanto!

January 19, 2022


Holy shit. Micro$oft just bought Activision Blizzard - for $69 billion, making it the largest acquisition in gaming and probably one of the biggest headlines in gaming ever. One step closer to total monopoly. This is likely to have enormous ripple effects in the coming years! 

I remember back in November last year when, in response to the absolutely asinine scandals, Phil Spencer said he was going to "re-evaluate" every aspect of their relationship with ActiBlizz. Well, nothing says re-evaluation like buying the shit out of everything you own and putting you to work.

Honestly, Bobby Kotick earned this ending. You need to be a more diverse sociopath than him if you want to maintain an empire. He proved unable to adapt beyond his famously quoted philosophy of "wanting to take all the fun out of making video games", and now he's going to lie in the piss.

I probably won't be around to see it, but I really do wonder if anyone will ever figure out that it's actually a good thing to be nice to your artists, nerds and idealists, and to give them breathing room to work (and, you know, exist). Instead, the corrupt guardian personalities on Earth have decided amongst their giant echo chamber of likeminded criminals that it is their duty to tame us all like wild animals.

I'm not going to sit here and express any love whatsoever for M$. I have none. This will probably have medium-term benefits for the employees at Activision Blizz, and the amount of capital now able to be thrown at anything they dream up is suddenly out of this world.

Maybe the females can stop being harassed, groped, and raped in the process.

A lot of cleanup has to be done at these two companies if any progress is to be attempted or sustained. I hope the terrible, arrogant and blind culture that has been erected there gets thrown out the nearest airlock. And you can be certain M$ will not tolerate this kind of PR nightmare under their supervision.

It's not a great solution, but I guess it is the only justice this planet could muster for such a massive and elongated failure. Whether we like it or not, change is on the way - and it's sure to make the rounds.

January 18, 2022

Book Rambling

Been hard at work on the book. I had no idea how much I would like doing this. There is a lot I can say about the process, as well as everything leading up.

First, I think it most important to start by saying that without the encouragement of my sister (from my previous life - hi Esme!) this would never have happened at all. For many years, I was mildly disappointed that I had no such ability to take on a project like writing a novel. INFP is often described as having a talent for writing, and I felt so certain I was the exception to that. It always sounded like fun, but way out of my league and skillset. I was wrong.

My sis encouraged me to write the review I posted back in November. At the time, I didn't really know why I was doing it. But as I edited the final piece, I had a feeling it was going to be a gateway to something more. After the signs she gave me, I knew I had done the right thing, and started having thoughts about creating my own story. The ideas came as though a floodgate had been opened for the first time. I couldn't set up the world fast enough.

It's been a joy to work on. I've embraced the learning process more so than with anything else I've ever done. It seems so much more attainable. Having something that excites you is a must. One thing that really surprised me at first - I couldn't believe how similar it is to making music. For me, it's actually far easier. I still sift through notes, organize charts and develop concepts. With this though, it is all about the words. No mixing, panning, or EQ. No ear fatigue, choosing sounds, or recording. It's more peaceful - though I do get the hand cramps when I can't put my mobile google docs down!

I never knew what it was like to create a world with characters and believe in it. I'm not sure I took part in anything like this back home, but I do know she has helped me to get here, and that she knew before I did that this would be good for me to do for more than one reason. Considering that she knew all along what this story was going to be about, and some things which have happened over the past two years, I want to use this entry as a permanent thank-you; not only for putting up with me during that time, but also for giving me the opportunity to create something new out of it instead of merely reaching the end of a long, dark tunnel with no exit. I'm not sure I deserve that. 

That is to say, I am very grateful to have you at my side. You are very loved.

January 2, 2022

Looking Ahead

It's so empty here now!

I've finally figured out a better way to archive blog entries. You can find them under the Home section. Been working on getting this place more organized recently, and I think that was the last thing on my list.

Speaking of lists, I'm here today to show you what I'm working on in 2022. Just so you know, there are no projected dates attached to any of these, but as time permits I will be cracking away at each of them, in no particular order:

Waluigi RPG 1.0 Release
This project is in the early stages of the final rounds of testing.
Manall's HoMM3 1.5 Update
1.5 will focus on improving underused necklaces, buffing creature specialists and increasing spell power's potency as a primary skill.
New Music Releases
I have no additional details to share at this time.
Fiction Novel
I've accumulated some writing tenure, and had plenty to think about in recent times. I will give you three words: Family, Horror, Love.

I plan to make 2022 count. Please look forward to each of these as they come.

I am more determined about my creations than ever.

If any of my projects bring you joy, the button above will help me to continue.

(Ko-fi does not take fees)

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