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December 3, 2021

Setting Expectations

Just dropping in to rip a band-aid off - there won't be any big end-of-year releases this time. There are multiple things in the works (including a 1.5 update for HoMM3) and the rest are not far enough along to discuss. I just wanted to set expectations now so no one is disappointed. There are too many other things to do; the plan to get home always takes precedence.

November 26, 2021


Why has the population of physical bodied spirits on this planet increased by thirty percent just since we crashed? For the amount of ocean coverage on Earth, even one billion would be more than enough. Most Earth issues (aside from the force field itself) stem from overpopulation... I wonder how this will end?

November 20, 2021


Surprise! I've condensed the site's nav links. It's much cleaner now, and newly added are some extra music links to make your lazy Earth lives easier.

But that's just the beginning of what I am on about today. There's a new 'reviews' section. What will I be reviewing, exactly? Anything I feel like. This new website expansion could prove to be a lot of fun. It will allow me to go deeper than what you usually see on this page, and preserve the material in a specific place.

Today I kickstart the reviews section with a shitload of writing about a book I recently finished. That's right, Manall can read and write. You may or may not be familiar with these objects, but for now I will skip their introduction and link straight to the one I am talking about - Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma.


November 19, 2021


I discovered a peculiar sensation during the writing of a new song over the last week. Each time I had the basics down for a section and began the detailed work, I started to feel as though I could see part of, or even the entirety of a more complete stage of said section - even though I had not yet done the work. It was like being given a hint. Then, as I progressed nearer and nearer to what I'd seen, I would feel a sense of, "That's right. It was supposed to be like this."

My mate suggested it might have been a glimpse of the future. Perhaps more specifically - it is a peak into a possible timeline. And the last few years have certainly taught me the importance of timelines.

This is not the first occurrence. I hadn't documented it yet because I wanted to see first if it would continue. It has, and the feeling, or perhaps my own forgotten ability, has gotten stronger too. It's already proven useful; it enables me to get a clearer picture and decide more efficiently if I like where my thought train is going. And, perhaps predictably, it does a nice bit for my confidence.

I am blessed to have this opportunity. Regaining my old state of mind/self is very important to me. I will make the most of this hellscape, and wring out the best material this body will allow. Please look forward to it.

November 15, 2021

HoMM3 v1.41 ... For Real This Time

Grr. I hate doing hotfixes. HOWEVER, this time it's worth it, because I've finally fixed the icons for new hero specialties and town portal!!

You'll also notice, or maybe not without my wise, wise pointer - I took away the beta tag with this version. The only thing "beta" about it that remains is the whole thing to do with blacksmiths selling first aid tents instead of ammo carts. And I can't see that being fixed in the near future. So we'll just live with that one. 

November 8, 2021

HoMM3 v1.4 beta!

BOOM! It's live and ready to go, baby. Oh, you didn't know that was coming?

Some highlights from this release: essentially, this is the death of Eagle Eye. Starting bonuses are more competitive. Lots of upgraded, previously underperforming heroes. Summon elemental, luck and morale spells improved significantly.

This one's a slow burner. FF1 is pretty much done up the way I like it. But I always seem to find something to make this project better. For one the knowledge base continues to increase, whereas I couldn't pack more into FF1 without being a programmer. My wishlist for this one still hasn't run dry! Head on over to the version notes to see all the details.

By the way, documentation for this mod is now live-only from my google docs. Until they stop shitting on the compression quality of saved .pdf's, this is the way of the future. Probably doesn't change much for the lot of you, but know that each mod will see this change moving forward into new updates. I want it to look as good as possible, and so for that you have to look to the source.


October 4, 2021


Hey everyone, I've rounded out all of the "Manall's" mod pages with screenshots!

(I know, I'm super late on that...)

Each one is picked to help showcase tidbits of newness for each game to help give a rough idea.

(For Diablo 2, just click 'em to enlarge, obviously.)

The extra fun thing about this update? WALUIGI RPG gets new screenshots too! The mod's not out yet, and normally I don't show anything until release, but I thought it would be a fun treat during the wait. As the rest of this planet desensitizes everyone with announcements every five minutes, I tend to keep to the old ways. Rarity is an underappreciated aspect of the universe around here.

Great things are coming. Please stick close for updates. ♥

September 28, 2021


Today saw a major breakthrough in recording. The kind not witnessed in ten years.

September 17, 2021

Other Mods?!

Lots of news lately! This time it's for a new page dedicated to my previously unreleased tinker mods! These don't fall into the category of polished and professional, and there are no plans to update them. That said, I believe the edits are compelling enough that others might like them.

Again, please bear in mind: these are unfinished, directionless projects that were just for fun. Mostly, they were to see what all could be done and play around creatively. They were never intended to be on the same level as the "Manall" mod series. Since this new website is the one-stop for all my creations it seemed like a good place to put those sort of things. Who doesn't like a good unreleased back catalogue?


For some time now there has been slightly out-of-date documentation downloading with the FF1 and D2 mods, including from the separate download links on the mod pages. I'm very sorry it went on this long. Luckily, the version history pages have always had accurate data, and the recent updates to these mods were very minor in scope. I'm just making sure you, the reader are aware so you can get your manual updated if desired. As of September 15 the links have been repaired.


September 14, 2021

Waluigi RPG Log #8

Trial four is done. The fifth is going to be a bit more collaborative, and I will probably be making updates + any final fixes in occasional periodic sweeps, instead of a constant exhaustive stream like I've been doing.

I'd love to have it out this year. For that to happen, I need to be completely sure there are no issues and finish the documentation. I plan to release the mod in two other locations as well. Once everything is coordinated on these fronts, we'll be in business. I'm not putting a date on anything because it'll be ready when it's ready. Those three remaining months can, and likely will disappear before any of us knows it.

Either way, the show is on the road, and if you didn't notice already I recently added a mod page for this project. Currently it houses the basics everyone needs to know, plus some (new!) background info. Upon release you will find links to the relevant resources there, as you'd expect. For now, I hope you like the shaving off the top in regards to what's coming.

September 2, 2021

Waluigi RPG Log #7

I'm alive. Meow.

Regarding the Waluigi project, work is being done to ensure everything is as nice and polished as possible. That's right, we've hit that phase! Could something be a bit better? Make it be. Could that feature be more unique? Then do it.

This has a chance of releasing to more people than any of my previous endeavors, so like with FF1 I will endure all the QA necessary to ship it in the best possible condition. Now see, the fun thing about not being attached to a corporation or publisher is that when I say "best possible condition" I don't mean "within the constraints I'm working under". Isn't that great?

I will add one more quick wall about an overall detail relating to the mod, since there currently isn't a lot to share (other than the fact I'm working on it):

I've played many SMRPG mods, including the big ones, and there's some impressive stuff. Though, in general I found inconsistency. The sales pitch - either spoken by the developer or demonstrated silently by the game - will sometimes be all like "Hey, we've got a HUGE new area! New <insert novelty here>!" whilst being riddled with bugs, and/or lacking in replay. That kind of thing. So what I am telling you: no, I don't have my own Amazy Dayzee sprite. But I don't need one. What you get will WORK on release day, and there are plenty of whistles, bells and secrets. I'm not trying to copy anyone else, rather the opposite. Just don't be one of those who, based on existing mods, believes they already know the scope of what a project can or cannot be. Oh and again, it's going to be tougher, but not as tough as some. People can already get their fix of extreme difficulty elsewhere; it would be without purpose for me to compete in that field. This mod will be its own, standalone, interpretation of fun and good.

And it has fucking Waluigi.

Anyhow...it's September, yeah? I'm hoping that will mark the beginning of the end of all this merciless summer heat where I live.

August 17, 2021

The End of Blizzard Entertainment

It's finally happened. I will never pay for another Blizzard-made product.

I thought about adding my two cents during the initial fiasco, but I had more important things to say at the time. I was encouraged to write about it again, so here I am.

As a female (+ trans/demi/poly lol) I cannot imagine working in the 'gaming' industry. The allegations presented in the lawsuit are the result of a two-year investigation of Activision-Blizzard. Sadly, this doesn't give me hope because they are 1) only the tip of the iceberg, 2) highlighting only ONE offending company out of many and 3) ... this is the culture we're faced with. It isn't just a single entity.

Cyandral is sad, not surprised.

That type of discrimination is pretty common throughout the industry as a whole, and in other work environments. This is just one rare instance where it went public. I'm aware not everyone is a saint, but females get fucked in the workplace unless you know where the bodies are buried. There is plenty of referential material out there for you to peruse if you haven't already been following along with the recent lawsuits made against Activision-Blizzard; I'm not going to point to any of those stories here. But they are worth investigating.

Riot, EA, Ubisoft and both Activision AND Blizzard are merely among the many guilty financial titans out there. Sure, it's still nice when Coca-Cola drops sponsorship of Blizzard e-sports, but it's all virtue-signaling. In the end, it does not matter what anyone says - the only way to snuff these corrupt corporate flames out for good is to STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS.

Seriously - STOP buying them. They won't stop making them until you do. The games aren't that good, anyway. You'll live without the latest yearly cash cow release. People you know who won't hang with you if you go a year without it are people you don't need either way. Take some of that time and learn to open your third eye instead.

If a company produces literal shit and you buy said literal shit, why the fuck would they work harder to provide you with something better?! They've already got you. And that's what every corporation wants - to hook you now and forever. Welcome to a subscription planet, where existence is a monthly/yearly payment loaded with emotionally manipulative gambling, masked politically-coated agendas and "more", all to keep the populace as enslaved as possible.

And then there's the artists, exploited for their passion and vulnerabilities, who are conned into creating half this shit anyway (and thus made to appear the enemy). It's the only thing those spirits know how to do. Did I mention this is a prison planet?

This type of overly superior and lopsided hierarchy is baked into the core of the gaming industry, and I guess I'm just making sure anyone who frequents by realizes I don't support that shit. I have a mod of Diablo 2. That doesn't make me a supporter of rape and discrimination.

Besides, they've fucked up Diablo 2: Resurrected already - chopped support for LAN parties and modding! God...the game's not even out yet. Do they REALLY want another Warcraft 3: Reforged on their hands? That release is heralded as one of the worst ever, and certainly Blizzard's worst ever.

When I wrote back in February about a lack of mod support for D2R, I did not realize that topic actually hadn't been discussed by the company as of yet. I guess I just, gasp, assumed that would be the case, what with it being Bli$$ard. And now, everyone's *ACTUALLY* pissed about it! Either my shamanistic heritage was doing me right that day, or this corporate drag really is that predictable.

Time to close this one out... I was a long time fan of Blizzard. Was. I do not owe my loyalty to any entity. The universe is a dynamic place, and when you cover up something like this, everything - even the good - can be tainted. I mean, I like chicks too. But fuck. This is unacceptable in isolation, appalling en masse. I doubt the industry will face any consequence related to these events due to the overwhelming wall of conservative fossils still screaming for profits-trump-all. I do hope the situation at least raises some awareness, and maybe helps a few employees feel brave enough to take better charge of their lives and seek happiness and fulfillment elsewhere.

Besides, you can always rest assured things are much worse than advertised. It's not worth having your being violated. If the game doesn't get made in this timeline, we'll survive. Take care of yourselves first!

August 8, 2021

Waluigi RPG Log #6

Okay, so there's been a little shakeup I wasn't aware of because it had nothing to do with me. The blame lies squarely with one of my least favorite corporations - Google. Though I hate to praise them in any manner, their formatting suite in Google Docs has been useful for my projects, until now.

For all of my mods, I have created detailed documentation to act as essentially your Nintendo Power guide while playing, with themed graphics and comprehensive information for your devouring pleasure. I have always done this using the "save as .pdf" option to grant the most accessibility possible.

For some reason now, the image quality bestowed upon these .pdfs has become pathetic. I am even more confused by my failed attempts to outsource this task to a different program, OpenOffice. Google Docs allows for the saving of open documents (.odt), so I tried OpenOffice. It had more compression options (as in, not zero like all of Google's "products") but nonetheless I could not achieve quality .pngs with this program either. They all end up blurry. Even though I can save an image from OpenOffice onto my desktop and the quality will be as it should. The PDF idea seems to be presenting a bottleneck.

I ask anyone reading with more experience than I for a superior workaround that encompasses Google Docs save options. As a result of this situation, unlike all my other releases access to the Waluigi RPG documentation will require an internet connection so you may publicly view the source documents, which is the only authentic way they can be viewed at this time - as far as I'm aware. This is the only way unless I discover another method.


All right, that's it for the bad news. Onto what I'm actually glad to reveal - development of the project itself has exceeded expectations. I am pleased with the completion of all my main goals and there really only remains further testing to be done. Currently, I anticipate a maximum of two more trials before release. I realize I was nonexistent on the topic of trial 3 and its findings/progress...didn't intend to be, so I'll just say the first half required a lot of scrubbing. For that, the latter half was made to be a very smooth ride. There were some things I honestly had no idea where to go on for a while, but somehow it all came together!

There really isn't a ton left to do. The pace of progress has shrunken my list of desires to almost nil. Due to certain aspects of the project I cannot yet reveal, it is very important I get release day right the first time. Hotfixes would complicate things and I don't want that headache any more than you do. Even if I have to test the game until I hate it, I will! I'm joking of course, ha. Merely, a healthy state of the game requires persistence and repetition. I love what I've got here.

I don't know how many people still care about SMRPG, but I bet it will turn a few gazes to see a brand-new take on it after a long period of stagnation in the scene, if you can call it a scene. Apparently, enough people still like Paper Mario (the good ones) for there to be inspired Bug Fables, a more recent release similar to the original and also Thousand Year Door. Great game by the way, Bug Fables. My sister Esme, who is probably sitting right next to me in spirit watching me write this entry, has reliably good taste in games. It's gonna be fun to show them to her all over again!

August 2, 2021

Existence is such a strange thing.

Nearly everybody on Earth is unaware of this right now, but we all came to this universe seeking new experiences, and therefore embraced the rules of this particular expanding and contracting ball of dust and fire to do just that. There is no end to the amount of universes out there, but we are all in this one together.

We are here because we decided this particular 'board game' looked like fun. Every spirit likes games. Games involve rules and uncertainty, and we enjoy being confined within limits. Why is this? It is simple. Being all-knowing can be very agonizing, and the phrase "ignorance is bliss" reaches deeper into the spiritual condition than humans know. Upon entering a new life, we choose to "forget" all we had accumulated before; it is not lost, but suppressed for the sake of the new life ahead of us - the new experiences, relationships and journeys we will embark on. We do this willingly for the legitimacy of our own future.

A key aspect of playing this game involves choice. Therein lies the crime of the installation around this planet and area of the galaxy - your choice of being who, where, what, how and when are all taken away. You are forced to be something you are not, and continually remade into more false versions of yourself in an effort to create 'personality death'. You might call it the worst form of torture ever invented. Being forced to forget is not at all the same as choosing to forget for the sake of what we spirits consider fun.

It doesn't help that the ones who built this system left behind many false, confounding and pointless structures to reinforce the equally false beliefs and ideals they started up thousands of years ago. In a normal environment, you would eventually arrive at one correct conclusion - spirits are eternal, all-powerful and all-knowing beings playing the game of life and existence together. However, on Earth this fact has been often corrupted by 'religion' to instead read - there is only ONE eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing being who gives us our life and existence. This idea is very dangerous because it's no different than generic misleading Earth journalism written by an amateur...just reword it to fit your needs, right?

When spirits are blasted into amnesia, they have no way of reasoning that something is wrong with this façade of a philosophy. After a few decades, most are too programmed to be able to oppose it. When their human body dies, the system shows them a brilliant display of colors and electrons tuned to their most recent life's beliefs - again, the very beliefs crafted by this system's creators - before pummeling them into amnesia all over again.

It is for this reason alone that such beliefs are not merely a colossal waste of time. More bone-chilling is the thought of the billions of spirits going in circles without even knowing that they are being supremely violated... not by people, but a machine. It cares nothing for you. It simply does what it was designed to do.

The design took millions of years to perfect, by the way. Is it any wonder then that it works so well, that amnesiac spirits will start wars, cults and kill their own? That they cannot be convinced they are being used and that a mere, say 50 years of knowledge is obviously nothing compared to the investment made to imprison them so completely? They are slaves who feel a frightening amount of false empowerment. The amount of damage done to these victims is harrowing.

The idea that someone else is responsible for your existence is reprehensible - NO ONE can take your existence away from you! The closest anyone has ever come to doing this can be seen in prison planet systems like the one you are standing on whilst reading this page. But even though they can shred you to pieces and take you away from everything you have ever loved, this is only temporary. When someone escapes the system (though this is very difficult to do) their memories and experiences will return, and they may go and do whatever, wherever they wish. I could see a lot of people deciding they've had enough, and just choose not to exist for a while. Sometimes, being here drives you so mad the thought doesn't sound so far out.

But I know I would never want to leave my family. My family is made up of extraordinary and wonderful people. No one is quite alike yet there is so much in common between us all! Now, if all I'd ever been taught was the ignorant Earth mentality I wouldn't be able to well-appreciate that sort of uniqueness and variety. I have tried very hard to remember this appreciation because I know that moving forward I will be on a better path for having done so. I work at this every day, and the time will come where things seamlessly transition back to how they used to be.

There is this sort of people I can't stand, who watch Star Trek and actually believe it makes them more open minded *just* by watching it. As with any spiritual exercise you've got to absorb and believe the ideas or it will mean nothing. Out there, no one would bat an eye for being in love with multiple people or even other family members. In the end, we are all in this universe together trying our best to satisfy our needs. For most of us, that is to be loved, to explore, learn, and expand our understandings and appreciation for life - the game WE helped create! So it should be obvious how damning it is that a society, or even an entire world, could be erected to censor the basic spiritual condition.

The truth is that even without their memories, people will still try to do what they've always done. If you were a nurse before being imprisoned here, every life you spend on Earth will see you doing all you can to help people, because that is the nature of your spiritual being that cannot be taken away. If you loved music, engineering, art, science... you will retrace your own footsteps because it is who you are. That is why you cannot condemn someone for what they love, who they love, how many they love, or what they seek honestly to do with themselves. It is all we have. It's all we'll ever have.

Earth can only truly take what you are unwilling to fight for. The only faith you need have is in you. Unlearn the damage done by Earth, rediscover and be at peace with the best parts of yourself.

July 27, 2021

Where has this month gone?

So many things which have recently begun again have the feeling that they've always been. It's as though they never really left. And when you know how memory really works, you know that with all certainty.

I look at the ways we have truly shaped this world in just the last few cycles alone, and I see a much clearer picture than before. I feel closer to understanding what that term 'lightworker' really means. It's easier to see the timeless, non-linear aspect to existence, where what came before is no different than now or after. They are one.

Recovering from amnesia sucks, but sometimes it's amazing. It's amazing when you have so many great people looking out for you - in ways you can't imagine, and at times you least expect. The kind who know what you want and need before you do. The kind who care so much, they've blown an entire chapter of their lives just to save you, to come to know you as you are - however flawed you may be - all to bring you home as you were meant to be once again. The kind whose work is without break and without mercy; to fight back against an entire planet, and with vying odds no less.

Those of you up on the ship, down here fighting, back home waiting, and down here enduring in spirit... thank you. I love ALL of you.

♥ July 15, 2021 ♥

Captain's Log ... WOW!

The last week has felt like months, yet somehow it has blown by.

With regard to love & relationships (beyond what limited avenues you can explore on this world) I have reflected here only sparsely in the past. It became my suspicion there was far more to this aspect of life in the universe than what you're told on Earth. I realized this was surely another phase of my reawakening, and that I must have experienced something amazing prior to coming here. I had to put an end to this ignorance for my own good. I dug and dug for answers, asked myself innumerable questions, culminated over a dozen theories, and generally tried painfully hard to broaden my understanding on this topic.

I was right. There is more.

After many long months of pining and searching, we had a massive bomb dropped on us. All my mate and I did for approximately twelve hours was sponge. Since then, a fascinating and memorable experience has unfolded. We have learned much of the spiritual condition, of ourselves, each other, ... 

... and of more lovers back home waiting for us.

I suspect, when we're ready, there may be even more to this rediscovery. I have grounds for suspicion. A massive theory of mine was proven correct this past week, and in ways I could never have imagined, so I am even more confident now. As I said once prior on this subject, I have not been discouraged from probing in this area, and to date this is by far the epitome of that encouragement. I feel blessed.

Indeed I feel so many things in my soul... relief, excitement, comfort, amazement, eagerness. The emotions are so complex. I can't wait to get home.

(By the way, the mod's coming along great.)

July 9, 2021

God damn I just want to go home. To my real home. I never should have accepted that mission. I should have resigned before taking that suicide run. What the hell was I thinking?

July 4, 2021

Wa7uigi RPG Log #5

Came out of a rough patch with this project a week and some change ago. I tell you, it was like the whole game was falling apart. I can't stress this enough to anyone thinking of starting your own project...


Everything's fine now. :D

There's been a lot of awesome creative stuff even whilst working on the second trial. More than I expected! Some of it was out of necessity due to some workarounds I've had to do. I'm glad it happened. There will be at least one more trial, to patch up any small buggies that get through. That one will be more slow and methodical - this trial is over halfway finished already! Cheats make it easy to blast through the game, and check all the things that need to be checked.

Things are going well. The further I get into this trial continuing to say those words, the better I'm going to feel about this whole thing. I'm a little nervous...it's gonna be real, real good, but I gotta get it done first. Aye yai yai. I had no IDEA how big this was going to get.

June 21, 2021

Old Fashioned Rambling PLUS... the Mind

Something interesting occurred while I was fixing up Ophelia. For just a moment, I seemed to flash over to a different state of mind. All around me was pure blackness, save for my spirit in the center of the music, which I could see around me as though it were an entity. It appeared as a tiny, faintly blue-white fog. From all directions in this empty space came the sound of the song, which I'd had playing back to me through two far more physical KRK's in my (currently) more common Earth state. It was like truly being in the music, as though I were inside of a cloud.

In case you're wondering, it was cool as shit.

I have not done much in the way of music since beginning to awaken my lost abilities, so this was new to me. What I will say - this spells out a great deal of explanation for some of my music-related struggles on Earth! How exactly? Well, I have always had this...feeling? Belief? Something...that making music through a digital interface is SO unnecessarily tedious. Key word being unnecessary. Like a lot of other impulses and instincts now explained by my past, I didn't know where it came from at first and didn't know it meant anything. I thought I just didn't like it. Now obviously - it's better than nothing, and I have learned my share from being self-taught. But I already know writing music was a hobby of mine before, and rediscovering this other state of focus effectively proves - I had a better way.

So of course downgrading to a physical interface from a mental one was going to feel like crap.

You might say I'm spoiled. HA. Maybe. But I can't wait to get back to the old way of doing things. Maybe I'll take and repurpose some of my compositions here someday with a whole different set of tools! Or maybe they'll all be boring by then...hahaha. Who knows, but it's a fun thought until then.

Which reminds me - I've always liked synthesizers, and always HATED recording. An easier creation method coupled with, I highly suspect, a prior love and use of electronic sounds back home would explain that, too. I suppose I still agree with my old self. At least Earth hasn't taken everything from me.

Luckily I'm not losing any sleep over the consequences of not being a promoter of that medium of art. Interaction with those kinds of people is so tiresome...it's never about what you want it to be about - the music - and it just becomes a sacrificial ritual of sorts after a while. Not interested.

That said, the mods have gotten more exposure than I ever imagined, enough to where people have even complained about them! When people are complaining about you that means they actually like you and just can't realize or admit it. If I ever get done squashing stupid graphical/NPC bugs in my current project, it's going to be incredible.

June 16, 2021

Wa7uigi RPG Log #4

Things are going well. Trial one is nearly complete. The bulk of creative work is done at this point.

That is unless I change my mind...but in all seriousness, it's probably gonna be tidying up and bug fixing along with a second trial. I would love to imagine a world where only three trials are needed, but I will not rush things. I can't wait to show off all the surprises...I've crammed in a TON of goodies! Things have become a lot more ambitious than I planned, but that's how it often goes around here. I've had free-flowing inspiration and accomplished an overwhelming amount of what I desired. I think largely my biggest dread is drawing up the logo in just a few colors for the three different renditions of the title screen...UGH. That's definitely getting done last.

Like my other mods, this one will also come with extensive documentation! I've got several preliminaries with loads of detail planned. I really loved the official Nintendo strategy guide back in the day, so much that I still recall phrases from it. I would like to repeat what my FF1 guide did - enlighten you about the original AND modded versions of the game! How many people know how poison really works? And how many fewer still know about the stacking interactions of attack/defense/vigor/valor up, and fear?

Lastly for today, the more obscure corners of the game are going to be more fun and "worth it" to visit. Super Mario RPG has a fairly awesome amount of extras, but veterans likely don't care or have simply forgotten about them. Minigames are a great example; they're much more valuable in my project, and help take you away from the battlefield more often. Newly, side progression will still feel like playing, and actually be progression. It all helps make the game feel larger and more alive, and I am very pleased with this.

I'd like to think the rise in Waluigi's popularity might help this project gain some traction. I have it on good authority that...well, let's say things look good for his future :)

June 2, 2021

Wa7uigi RPG Log #3

Heeee...the amount of monstrous bugs I have crushed.

You know, I said this would be a pretty light project, but it's already surpassed the size I expected. I've had so many ideas, and putting them to paper has been a rollercoaster of awesome. Better still, I think it's actually gonna be bug-free at the end! Since Super Mario RPG is notorious (among good games) for being buggy and difficult to edit, and this is my first-ever shot at it, that is good for morale.

Yeah yeah, what about the GAME am I changing? Hmm, what can I say that won't give too much away... there are so many FUN things coming, and I can't tell you about literally any of them because it absolutely must remain a surprise.

There will be some refreshing edits to previously solved mysteries, a couple new secrets... did I mention the game won't be a complete snoozefest to finish? Timing is more important, though not impossible or anything morbid like that. I am making this game for people who have played and know the original well. It is designed to be the kind of mod that "grew up" to match your older self and challenge you all over again. But it is NEVER intended to be impossible, exceedingly tedious or frustrating.

You will have to utilize your options much more, and think before you just unload on tougher packs. If you try to run through the game bare bones you're definitely gonna have a rough go of it... but who plays a mod to speedrun it? Who knows, maybe people do in this cancer-cancel culture. If so, fuck those people. I'm not making them anything. Exploring and completing things are part of an RPG. Speedrunning is not.

As another very minor example of what's being changed, money will have far greater value. Again, you won't be scraping by with a measly five coins for thirty hours or anything. But, your playstyle will also affect your spending. If you wanna cast an abusive amount of magic, you're gonna have to pay up. Of course, that's up to you, the player. There are avenues for different styles, and more so than in the original. To be CLEAR: this is not about taking options away, but about differentiating them and ensuring they all have advantages and consequences.

A big bonus over the vanilla game - swapping party members is important. There is greater contrast between your teammates, and running with the same three people forever is not only stupid, it's simply not the best way to enjoy all of what's being offered.

The difficulty is also slightly dynamic: for example - after a tough section, things sometimes drop off a little to give you time to practice with new weapons, test a new team combination, or swap around some accessories and see what you like best for what you're up against. So in other words, I'm trying to avoid the endless treadmill feeling - there are "breaks" that give you time to breathe and reload. Toward late game, the player of course has accumulated more of these such areas and so the difficulty will ramp up again faster than earlier on. You're expected further and further to have your shit together more often and eventually, all the time.

And just like my other mods, underutilized features of all sorts will be brought to the spotlight in better, even sometimes new ways.

May 22, 2021

MUSIC Surprise!!

Whoa, who saw that coming? I sure didn't. Yeah, that's right, a big fat image of something that is now even more awesome... OPHELIA has been remixed and remastered, with a few itty-bitty changes in between for taste. Check it out on the music page, for free, obviously.

I love the shit out of this song, and I'd always get mad listening to it knowing how much better a job I could do today. So I powered it up.

It's worth noting Ophelia is still the latest official release, all the way back from 2017. I'm aware of this. There are other priorities in front of me besides music for now, and while I have some great ideas started I need a break. No date on when that'll change, but I banged this one out because I just KNEW it could be made to rock harder! Don't know if/when it'll make it to youtube - I don't have any video software because I don't feel like paying for that shit. Maybe I'm just old and there's a converter out there somewhere.

To celebrate this song sounding way the hell better, I'll share a tidbit with you. For this track, I wanted to write something akin to my own Starcraft terran music. That soundtrack is legendary by all Earth standards, and giving it a try for myself sounded like way too much fun. I intentionally wove in some callbacks through the themes and changes as an homage to that masterpiece. Hearing it makes me want to play, even though I'm terrible. Then it makes me want to put on some GSL/ASL. It's a nice little mental journey that transports you to a place where you can forget about this world for a while.

Please enjoy, but don't play as terran scum.
(shit, now everyone knows my race bias!)

May 7, 2021

WLRPG Log #2

For my new Waluigi RPG mod in the works... the battle goes well.

For a moment, I nearly had a heart attack because of something I perceived to be a fatal bug. Suddenly, nothing was in the right place; it was a scrambled disaster. Turns out it was just an SRAM inconsistency! Systems A-OK. Just the joys of tinkering.

Initial playtesting results are overwhelmingly positive. I even got to dance around an ASM issue I never IMAGINED I would conquer, and I'm very proud of it! The mod is shaping up to be everything I'm aiming for. There are no deal-breaking issues on the to-do list, and everything is merely a matter of time.

Believe me, that is a rare but wonderful spot to be in as a creator!

You're truly in a good place when, during testing, the only thing you are making is minor adjustments to ideas you are otherwise pleased with, while jotting down further ideas merely due to having spent more time with the physical side of the project. It's an artist's dream. It brings me a state of calm, and after several projects I am very thankful to be having the best go yet!

Gah...I'd LOVE to leave a few breadcrumbs, but the awesome feels so concentrated that I feel it best to resist the urges of excitement for now (which money cannot buy in a world like this) and save it all for release day. I know... but it'll be worth it. TRUST ME!

April 29, 2021

WLRPG Log #1

LOL. Sorry about the empty update just hanging there for days. That's a new one. Lotta shit happened this past week. Now I'm gonna retrace what I planned to write in the beginning!

The project is proceeding at pace! I've got a few minor-BS things to deal with thus far (this happens with every project) but it definitely ought to be out this year. My hope is to create something of caliber for submission on romhacking.net. I have LOVED seeing the reception to the FF1 mod there!

Now, hear me - this is less of a serious, in-depth project than that. From start to release, modding FF1 to perfection was a bastard and a half. But there are still going to be the elements you come to expect around here. And yes, it'll be harder. Not too hard... difficulty-focused edits already exist, and I do not care to compete with their 'merciless' stereotype; there would be nothing to gain.

On the other hand, this is a unique project. It isn't just about adding my own personal flair to the gameplay this time. Never before have I undertaken responsibility for a script! Obviously, the presence of Waluigi means Mario's out, and so I have had a chance to do something brand new. In case you're wondering, the basic premise remains intact, but some fun and surprises await everyone who gives this alternate reality story a go. To be clear, this isn't the generic, shitty, boring "comedy" type of script edit you can find in so many mods for SO many games, which spring up when the author clearly has no imagination, and decided to just hamfist pop culture in as an incompetent offset. I swear, everything is a parody on this world anymore. Needless to say, I will not be following in the footsteps of the masses; I have taken care to remain faithful to the personalities while preserving the (legendary Ted Woolsey) localization.

Ultimately, the modified gameplay and script will bounce off each other to make the experience more dimensional. The first round of play testing is up next!!

April 21, 2021

About the Author

Hey there. Remember that prophecy idea which didn't work out? Yeah well, after that crashing (and subsequent burning) I finally decided there wasn't a good reason to wait any longer. So I came up with something sort of like what I initially proposed, but in the form of an about page. The new artwork is of me, done by my mate. She's a skilled one, she is...

I want that new page to either scare off sleepers or entice those awake! Perhaps eventually I will see the results...

April 13, 2021


Ohhh hoho boy... A NEW MOD IS COMING! Yeah, when's the last time you heard THAT?!

Super Mario RPG is an already excellent game. You might argue there are few to no flaws, if it only were a little lengthier, with a proper sequel (thanks Square). Well I've played a LOT of shitty SMRPG mods, so I've decided to throw my hair... ears... tits... whatever, into the ring.

As far as the project scope is concerned, I'm realistically looking at something similar to the lighter HoMM3 mod. I'm not here to screw things up. Nor am I here to take three years to iterate on a concept endlessly. But I am here to add my own spin, difficulty and creativity. If you like anything about the original - or don't have a clue what this even is - no matter where you sit, I promise you will have a good time. Because that's what the original was all about.

Looking over at the list, I am now noticing that it would seem I only care to mod RPGs...hum.

March 15, 2021

Manall's FF1 2.03

A small update is out for the FF1 juggernaut which collects results from lots of play and feedback. Check out the version history to see what's new.

March 14, 2021


Holy shit... the new Eisbrecher album LIEBE MACHT MONSTER !!

This is the best they've ever sounded sonically. It's so nice to hear them evolve and keep on crushing like always. The longer a group does this, the more respectable it becomes, as nothing in this universe is ever much certain. The output is very high quality in all aspects (WOW at the new high register vocal training!) and very rarely does a record get my immediate love. This one did. I'm so impressed that I have no idea how I can possibly keep up with these guys.

You guys better tour the damn States before we leave...

March 2, 2021

The Future

I really hope something of Earth's good pop culture remains by the time we leave...these Marxists are destroying everything. In just the last six years they've dealt lasting and incredibly damning measures to numerous icons, and no one will take back control or fire them. Most consumers just blindly accept the changes because it has the logo they know on it. We call these people 'sheep'. They are enablers, and do not care enough to even attempt a wiser opinion much less do anything about it.

In the amount of time I have left here, I am afraid things are going to take a significant turn for the worse. People will beg for 2021 to return, when "all there was" to worry about was a self-inflicted pandemic, one artificially designed to further enslave the populace (and kill them if necessary). Needless to say those days will not be returning as tame.

I am not saying there is no hope. This is far from the end of the human race, and within a few hundred years I'd guess things around here will start to improve! But I wouldn't count on it in any of your current lifetimes...

The newest generations are being targeted. They will be herded together for factional purposes first; profit is only a means to an end. I advise anyone with young children to be cautious - megacorps are going to weaponize your offspring in order to erase your era from history. Then, after you die and return as children once more, they will do the same to you now that you are impressionable all over again, and you will join your former children as slaves.

I continually sigh at all those who are so confounded by the same thing. They all ask in unison - "How can these companies continue forward if they're losing so much money?" The answer is simple. It's no longer about money. It's about sending a message.

Be careful and keep your eyes open. Dangerous times lie ahead.

February 24, 2021

HoMM3 1.3 beta update release + DIABLO NEWS

It's finally here, dag nabbit.

It didn't really take me this long to get it done. But a few added niceties did crop up after a little bit more brainthinking happened. So I'm glad I waited to push this out. I hate doing hotfix updates.

Some things I'd personally like to highlight... Gnoll Marauders strike TWICE! NO more fucking god damn Ammo Carts from blacksmiths. Force Field and Fire Wall last longer. Expert Fire Shield hits the entire army. Advanced Estates is fixed. Eagle Eye artifacts now boost Learning (!!!) and health artifacts are improved greatly. And HOLY shit, did I mention before that Town Portal is now FIRE elemental?!

That aside~~ Diablo II is actually getting a remaster. Of course, if you know what's good, you'll stick to playing my mod instead. So I just saved you a bunch of money on car insurance or whatever. Why anyone would want to downgrade to a better looking version with ZERO MOD SUPPORT is completely beyond me. This isn't fifteen years ago. Mods are everywhere. Get with the times, Bli$$ard.

Diablo IV Rogue looks kind of nice. Still waiting on a holy class who can go full caster. Holy Mage barely exists as an archetype and I still wait for someone to do it justice. Graphics are much better now than the initial reveal's trash visuals. Items sound a bit more interesting after December. Still want more rune combinations and more than 2 types/quantity of runes allowed in an item. I will watch with extremely cautious optimism.

February 9, 2021

The Timeline Has Changed

I have relearned another new ability over the last few days. I am sure it is going to be very useful in the times ahead.

Also I want to comment on something...that prophecy reveal won't be possible after all; the timeline got pretty screwed up for a while there. The massive change intended was not the change which happened. Thankfully, things are back on track, they'll just be different now. The plan will no longer occur exactly as it would have back then, as a few of the remaining steps have changed significantly. So I guess I may as well take that down.

It's all right, though. Maybe I'll come up with something between now and then to do on the day it was originally meant to be unveiled. Maybe I'll show off all my remembered abilities to date! I sure never imagined there would be a LIST.

I am very excited for the coming days. I think they will change everything for better, and the right moment for it is just around the corner. I think about it every day, and excited isn't even the right word anymore. It's more like...I know it's coming. I feel it, and can almost see it manifesting ahead of the present.

January 31, 2021

The Five Basic Tiers of Earth Imprisonment

  1. The force field around this solar system snatches bodiless spirits, wipes their memories and sends them here to live and die endlessly
  2. You can't leave this planet
  3. School / Media / Dogma / False Religion - designed to beat everything good out of spirits when they are most defenseless, innocent and impressionable and ensure progress is not maintained
  4. Fragile human bodies die easily, causing more frequent memory wipes and ensuring less net progress over the course of lifetimes
  5. The sleeping human brain harbors each spirit's memories and abilities but in a sealed vault - the seal is further enforced by daily fluoride calcification (thanks to most toothpaste)

None of these things are supposed to happen. Is it any wonder so many are unhappy here? How many more compounded prisons does a being need to be in before they've suffered enough? What kind of being could become so jaded and corrupt as to design a place meant only for breaking other beings of everything they love? They are the ones who should be locked up here.

It may interest you to know that the home planet of the tyrants responsible for this force field was decimated many years ago. I wish that offered more comfort to those still stuck within it, or discouraged those trying anyway to maintain it.

But it will not last forever.

January 15, 2021

Captain's log - supplemental

I miss my home. Working within the confines of Earth has been so hard for me. It is at such times projects like these help me move forward. It is a very beautiful place far from here, where the skies glow purple and the people flourish with an unprecedented freedom.

I still must wait for rescue. But the waiting is torture amidst more torture. Sometimes I wish I didn't know. But I'm very glad to know...it's helped me survive and grow stronger. The emotions I feel are very complicated.

One thing is certain; I'm never coming back once the mission is over. I despise this world.

January 3, 2021

Upcoming v1.3 beta

My to-do list is complete at the moment, but further testing is needed.

First I'd like to say that a fix is coming for Advanced Estates, the only bug I created with 1.2. Think about it this way - it's still better than the original version's! -_-

I'm gonna quickly run through some of the bigger changes. Towns which sold ammo carts now sell first aid tents instead. YES! Specifically fire magic has been improved, and Town Portal is now fire-elemental to boost it further while giving some much-needed tuning to earth magic.

The last big grab in this upcoming version - Artifacts. The old Eagle Eye artifacts now boost Learning instead! DOUBLE YES. The bonus is incredible since it is additive (unlike e.g. Archery artifacts) and requires the skill to take effect. Additionally, health-boosting and surrender cost reduction artifacts are more impactful. Further, some artifact treasure classes (and costs) have been adjusted to balance new-found effectivity.

P.S. Due to the ongoing nature of this whole 'beta' thing (sorry about that) I'm going to start outlining in each version exactly why I have deemed it such a version so it can be understood up front. Thus far, it's all very minor.

Ophelia (R&R)


Emerald Euphoria


Classica II


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