About the Author

Hello. I am Cyandral. Most call me Cyan;

Manall is merely my artist handle.

My role in the universe has been among explorer, hunter, musician, protector, mate, sister, mother. I love nature, being in the wild and charting the unknown. I thrive off throwing myself at a project in hopes of culminating something valuable. Family, philosophy and spirituality are everything to me.

I am here for the time being until I reclaim these roles. As I wait to depart, I create the things you see here. I may not have my own studio, and I may not know assembly, but I try and put heart in place of those. I hope any aspect of this space is of use; that's why it's here.

On my journey I have begun to manifest a recovery of some of my lost abilities. Among them are rudimentary telepathy/telekinesis, healing aches and sickness, sharing emotional states, induced relaxation/stress relief, and sensing past/future events. I am stronger at some than others, but I am thankful to be relearning at the rate which I am. It is essential to connect with the mind and the universe if one is to fulfill their purpose.

The plan is to keep this place up and running after the time comes for me to return home... but to be safe, get what you want before then.