About the Author

Hello. I am Cyandral. Most call me Cyan;

Manall is merely my artist handle.

I typically bounce between writing about radically different topics like games, music, the universe, as well as Earth and its future. Otherwise I create mods for classic games, and more recently I make commentary for various media of my choosing. My music projects are in the dark for the time being, and a fiction novel is in the works.

My role in the universe has been among explorer, hunter, musician, protector, mate, sister, mother, and healer. I love nature, being in the wild and charting the unknown. I thrive off throwing myself at a project in hopes of culminating something valuable. Family, philosophy and spirituality are everything to me.

I am here for the time being until I reclaim these roles. As I wait to depart, I create the things you see here. I may not have my own studio, and I may not know assembly, but I try and put heart in place of those. I hope any aspect of this space is of use; that's why it's here.

On my journey I have begun to manifest a rudimentary recovery of some of my lost abilities like telepathy, telekinesis, healing aches and sickness, sharing emotional states, and sensing past/future events. I have learned it is essential to connect with the mind and the universe if one is to fulfill their purpose.

I plan to keep this place up and running at least until I return home, and maybe reach a few fellow souls who identify with my creations along the way.