During my time here I have rediscovered many things; some apply to Earth, others to the universe itself.

If I have learned anything, it is that I probably knew all of this long ago.

I decided to write some of them down for any humans who might benefit. I hope they help.


It is more fulfilling to sympathize than to condemn.

"That was then and this is now. You don't add 'now' to 'then'." - Kirk Hammett

"You make the best of wherever you are, for no matter where you are, there are choices that build one's perspective." - a Fan 

"Often when on a quest for beauty, you don't have to look further, you just have to look deeper." - Hank Schyma

There are two learning processes:
1. Read/hear first, then abstract into Do
2. Do first, then delve into theory

#1 is most prevalent as a standardized method on Earth. Those who struggle with it are oft-seen as 'impatient' or 'unfocused' as children. They are merely aware of their needs for the opposite method which has yet to gain significant traction and proper support within humanity.

"Work in silence; let success be your sound." - Unknown

Logic is a shallow substitute for what intuition is often denied.

I can - and need - to do things on my own, but I can't live alone.

I try to avoid relating to a person in need by telling them how I "completely understand". This is untrue; I don't. No one does, save for ourselves. At first, this is a seemingly unhelpful thing to say but it is part of a well-weighted counter-balance if supplemented with the desire to give help. It emphasizes the individual's experience and frailty while giving comfort in spite of it. It is in this method of giving advice we can all find strength as a whole.

Creative minds innovate out of necessity; they are more accurately 'inventors' than 'artists'.

A strong and virtuous philosophy is immune to the effects of those who would abuse your mental state - it does not rely on anything but the abstract truths, which famously cannot be manipulated by tangible means.

  • Random is a myth.
  • Destination is a myth.
  • Perfection is a myth.
  • Youth is a myth.
  • Death is a myth.
People seem to crave both infinity and specialty, but the time will come for each of you when you must choose between them.
The only wisdom granted to a coward is that of another more enlightened.
It is my belief existence is analogous to infinity. Specialty only exists in our playthings and imaginations, including this universe. In reality it is not possible for them to coexist in an exact space, as they are fundamental opposites which cancel out the other.
Knowledge has two siblings - power and wisdom. As humans, we can only choose one at a time. Power is the active, while wisdom is the passive.
One must improve to see improvement.
Science is an over indulgence in arrogance, ignorance, and the absurd idea we are all playing single player in this universe - in a way that sounds logical to dumb people who have lost their memories.
"If we're going to be damned, let us be damned for what we really are." - Jean-Luc Picard
There are a million ways to tell a lie, but there is only one truth.
There is no need for art that isn't a tad rebellious. It would not otherwise be art.
I have found that art is a constant cycle of rebellion and thievery in an attempt to regain what we have lost.
The last thing I need in a world like this is more things.
Well done is better than well said.
"Goals, aspirations and the meaning one draws from them are ultimately arbitrary. They may be socially acknowledged by peers, but meaning is ultimately individually constructed." - Unknown
Do not confuse passion for laziness.
What a world we live in, in which stupidity is the only way to be taken seriously.
The more things you try to be, the less of a person you are.
Nature is the true existence of this universe and its inhabitants. Meaning is imagined by each individual - who has forgotten nature. When one fully knows nature, 'meaning' transcends into 'history of experiences' - a past timeline of one's path to knowing nature. At the very end, all that is left is the universe and you - just the way it started. Everybody climbs the ladder of self discovery in an attempt, whether they know it or not, to become what they once were.
When someone is struggling, don't try to put the fire out for them. Help them put the fire out.
If nothing is good enough for you, you aren't good enough for anyone.
Sadness forces people to return to their values. If they are worth knowing, they will change.
The best art is hypnotic in that the audience forgets to think, and feels compelled to explore.
"Someday" is the dream of all humans.

"Regret not what cannot be changed by your hand." - Unknown

Why are there so few restrictions on violence and acting out, all the while we are loaded down with rules about how to love? The priorities of this prison are clear.

People nowadays collect experiences instead of appreciating them. One day they will find they have never lived once in their lives.

It is what is enough for us that shows who we are.

A hero is defined by their struggles just as their triumphs.

Order is just an inferior form of harmony.

To change how others perceive you, give power to your words in accordance with what you want. If you assume they have none, they won't.

The corporate world is like a soccer match. A few goals happen now and again, but for the most part it's nothing but a bunch of idiots running back and forth doing jack shit.

Almost all art here is created, mostly unknowingly but as such nonetheless, with the assumption that all viewers are trapped on Earth and thus subject to the rules of being trapped; that no one would understand or even appreciate art made with any other assumption.

Accepting less is the birth of quality.
Forgiveness alone is a path to wisdom.

Well-made art is beautiful in that it inspires both our forgetfulness and our memories.

Dissonance and harmony are an end unto themselves.
The world around us is attempting to erase our memories and replace them with 'experiences' - look for this now-overused word on every piece of media. It is intentional and very dangerous. Nostalgia has been deemed to be 'dangerous' by humans in power because it is an echo of love. Love doesn't create profit; rather it creates contentment and harmony. Neither of which involve money. They do not want you to remember things because you would then have a frame of reference for quality and quantity - the two things they desire to abuse in all aspects.
Capitalism falsely believes artistic success can be put on an assembly line. 

"Memes" are the descent into static misery of a demoralized society.

When anything new is introduced, humans have the tendency to overdo/abuse it. A new species will dawn the day this tendency is eliminated.
When tempted by power - 
  • Do nothing
  • Slow down
  • The Earth is still spinning
  • Don't take it personally
  • Evaluate the situation
  • Ask questions
The keys to self-improvement and sustained relationships
  • Effort
  • Intentions
  • Humility
  • Being willing to admit you're wrong

'New' is simply a lack of depth perception.

The ultimate power is the power not used.

As soon as you stop asking why, you start dying.
Idealists may have their head in the clouds, but guardians have their head up their ass. If your head's in the clouds at least you can still see.
"Everyone loves a dead guy." - Syd Lexia
Destination is perception. Journey is reality.
Inspiration is the first step toward leaving behind your humanity.
We are all merely side characters in others' lives. Let us not forget whose story we write, lest we forget ourselves.

"Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside awakens." - Carl Jung

You can tell how far a man has fallen by how much he discriminates.

The masses ruin everything.

The systems of society reveal its intentions.
Most humans know only how to look inside from a perspective of novelty. I try to eliminate this and cut straight to the existence - the every day - the reality.
Mythology and continuity are among an artist's greatest tools.
When children are in power, society falls.
This universe was created by people, not money. That alone proves money is not necessary as an accessory to greed.
"There is no stigma attached to success." - Julian Bashir
People are dumb.