This is a mod for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction 1.13c.

Latest version: v1.7a (10.05.20) | View Version History


My take on Diablo II streamlines the full range of the experience for single player, without the need for a multiplayer economy to see great items and make awesome builds. There is heavy emphasis on new crafting, skills and increased difficulty. 

Give it a shot on /players 8!


-I recommend using Blizzard's install tomes to install a fresh copy of Diablo II.
-It is highly suggested you use D2SE to run this mod. D2SE is a third party, highly convenient mod management tool.

If D2SE does nothing when launched, run it as administrator AND in Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility mode.


  • Greatly increased presence of crafting & recipes
  • The ability to hunt for materials to craft specific unique / set items
  • Increased difficulty; more dynamic enemy roster & spells
  • Increased mercenary viability and variety
  • Weapon enchantments
  • More compact town designs
  • New items, weapons, armor & runewords
  • Automatic gold pickup!
  • A new end-game challenge area with unique rewards and enemies
  • New and improved item affixes and mechanics
  • Many altered/new class abilities & synergies
  • Rare charms!
  • Improved existing and added new gems
  • Revised many underutilized rune effects, improved drop rates
  • Armor dye - works on runewords!