This is a mod for Final Fantasy on the NES.

Latest version: v2.3 (04.07.23) | View Version History


This mod brings you a fresh, tougher Final Fantasy with modern feel and greater depth.

I want you to see your beloved FF1, and also something brand new! Don't worry, I didn't rename every spell or monster in accordance with some morally superior translation. It's the same story and world. Most importantly, the experience isn't riddled with many mods out there are riddled with "untested" syndrome? The aim with this project was to deliver massive and polished with a twist.


-You'll need a clean headered* copy of the "Final Fantasy (USA).nes" rom.
-Lunar IPS.exe comes with my mod. Use it to apply "Manall's FF1.ips" to your rom

-Load the rom on your emulator of choice. I prefer Nestopia or FCEUX.

*Don't know if your rom is headered or unheadered? Check the file size. If it's 256 KB it is NOT headered. If the size is 257 KB, it is - and that's what you need.



  • Greater challenge & rewards from battles
  • The Archer and Green Mage replace the original Black Belt and Red Mage
  • Graphics have received extensive improvements
  • Ports have been removed - the SHIP can now dock at any shore
  • Dirt Roads added, which help to protect from random battles
  • New (and familiar) items, spells & monsters
  • Redesigned all useless items & spells
  • New secrets
  • Quality of life enhancements; buying multiple potions, press SELECT to cycle through character status menus, equip shop comparisons, etc.
  • Bonus patches allow for further gameplay customization


  • New reactionary battle system - actors take their turns one at a time
  • Weapons can have powerful elemental, creature or status effect bonuses
  • Added Regeneration, a new status condition which recovers HP every turn
  • Poison is stronger, works on monsters, displays damage, visuals & sound
  • More monsters utilize spells, have more diverse & strategic spell scripts
  • Extended spell names to 5 letters, spells display icons showing their element
  • Increased and added to the thematic presence of all eight magic elements