This is a mod for Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete.

Latest version: v1.5 (1.20.23) | View Version History


This smaller mod primarily focuses on making more relevant some lesser-used and sometimes frustrating features in order to extend replay and open up new viable strategies. The changes are mostly intended to enhance the original rather than re-envision.

If you needed a selling point, I'll give you one - No More Month of the Plague!



  • More viable heroes! New and better specialties and skill arrangements
  • Lesser-used secondary skills greatly improved
  • Eagle Eye is no longer a specialty and is extremely rare
  • Strengthened many underutilized spells and clarified tooltips
  • Vast creature and town adjustments and changes
  • Warmachines! Stronger Ballistae; First Aid Tents now heal fixed amounts
  • Improved (with a couple of new) artifacts
  • Tan is replaced by Yellow (!)
  • Various niceties like disabled Month of the Plague, free travel through Whirlpools, declining Witch Hut skills, black hex grid in battles, and free Swan Ponds
  • -Replace your H3bitmap.lod file (located in your HoMM3 Data folder) with mine. 
    -Use the included Lunar IPS.exe to apply my .ips patch to a HoMM3 + HD .exe file. 

    Please back up your original files first!

    You will NEED the fan-made HD+ mod to complete the last step. 
    Do not confuse HD+ with the official (and vastly inferior) HD release.