Below are some shelved projects I edited for fun. Once more, with feeling - FOR FUN. They are not intended to be serious, partially serious, completely serious, 100 percent polished, or rhythmically sound. In my opinion, it would be a waste not to show them here for those who might be interested. These mods are sometimes edits including/of other, existing patches/mods, and are more about tweaking things for the sake of being creative. If a project is listed here, it's a good bet you won't see a full-fledged rendition in the future. As far as I know, they work, but remember that these are not in active development.

This is a mod for Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past on the SNES.

last updated - Jan 31, 2021


A very light mod. Included are some third-party patches along with equipment palette changes, because oh my god his clothes did not match at all in this game. I also fixed the weird "purple water" that appears around Link while swimming. I may have done more than that but I've since forgotten.


-Palette edits to shields and clothing

-Third party patches allow for L/R to swap items, directional changing while dashing w/ Pegasus Shoes and for your sword slashes to break pots

This is a mod for Final Fantasy 6 on the SNES.

last updated - Sept 26, 2021



Based on the "EvilType" mod, there is a pretty extensive departure from the original balance. It's a bit tougher. There is a general focus on weapons & relic edits, and a few new skills. Check out Reverberator and Chain Claw! As for weapons, an example would be that the Flame Sabre/Blizzard/Thunderblade trio are now actually good. Be sure to check out some new items like the Light Ring, Pearlerenge, Tek Lance and Storm Rod!

There is some palette work, such as on Relm and Celes. For enemies, I gave the Storm Dragon a matching in-battle palette! I've always been in love with his overworld sprite. Another example is how Rod type weapons now all look different from each other! P.S. I know for a fact the documentation does not display every weapon palette I've customized.

Which segues nicely - for a light project, the documentation is pretty in-depth. There are color coded differences between the mods, and everything is separated into sections e.g. spells, item types, espers...This is the kind of project you definitely don't want to go into without reading my notes.

I also carried over something from i90east's mod which I've always favored - battle music only plays when there are more than two enemies in a battle! It's a nice breath of fresh air.

This mod requires a v1.1 FF6 rom. Look for something like this:

"Final Fantasy III (V1.1) (U) [!].ips"

-Nearly all the features of the "EvilType" mod
-Palette edits for some characters and weapons
-New weapons/relics/a few new skills; edits to existing weapons/relics, etc.
-Improved tooltips for nearly all abilities and spells
-Battle music only plays with 3+ enemies
-Third party patches allow for:

- swapping between Equip/Relic menus w/ the Y button

- glow color cycling in battle for multiple statuses (e.g. Haste+Safe)

- fixed evasion

- uncensored sprites

- fixed Rippler

- names of Blitz/Swdtech in menus

- reward list displays before fighting in Coliseum

- Rages learned by winning w/ Gau present